Helene photo1I have lived a rich life, with many adventures, learned and applied many different skills, have a wonderful family and many dear friends.  My art career started early in my life.  As one of 10 children, presents were handmade to celebrate holidays, often with material gathered from the outdoors – pine cones, a leaf or seed pod, a feather or unusual bent piece of grass. These activities cemented a deep connection with nature which is inseparable with my love of the creative.

After retiring from a long career in the public sector, I have been spending more focused time on my creative life.  I have been in involved in different art media all my life, curious, exploring, trying out new ideas.  But I always come back to my love of indigenous tribal art and textiles, magnetically drawn to the shapes, forms, and stories behind this art.  My floor cloth designs and earth-rich colors are drawn from this love of nature and native peoples.

Creating bark cloth paintings is a tradition that has to be protected. As a tradition, it is a cultural asset contributing to the diversity of expression for our humanity. If the Mbuti people forget their identity, living IN and FOR the Forest will be senseless. Fifty percent (50%) of the profit from the sale of these bark cloths will be donated to the Institut des Musees Nationaux in Kinshasa, DRC, which has a large collection of Mbuti bark cloth paintings.



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